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Bill Ferguson's lost wartime diary

The story of Bill Ferguson's lost war time diary and how it was found and restored to its owner, was the subject of the January 2017 New Year's Social.  This link shows an article in the Los Angeles Times (from 2005) about how it came to be lost and found.

Down House, home of Charles Darwin

Please click on the link below to find out more about this summer’s day trip destination:

Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council

This link will take you directly to the Town Twinning page of the Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council's website.


For a comprehensive description of Heusenstamm and its surrounding area check out this website. It includes the history of the area and the town from the 13th century onwards. There are also sections headed Politics, Culture and Sightseeing, and Social Life, amongst others.

Stadt Heusenstamm

Click on the link below for the official website of the town Heusenstamm, which is in German. The pages of particular interest are Tourismus, under the heading Bürger & Stadt, where you will find photographs of many of the picturesque buildings in the town (Sehenswürdigkeiten), and under the same heading, via Über Heusenstamm there is a subsection dedicated to the Partnerstädte (twinned towns).  Under the main heading Freizeit & Kultur you will find the Veranstaltungskalender showing the dates of all known events for the current year.

Tonbridge Philharmonic Society

TPS has a triennial exchange with the Evangelische Kantorei in Heusenstamm.  The next joint concerts will be in 2019.